Rycote Supershield with Boom and Røde NTG1

Rycote Supershield with Boom and Røde NTG1




    Gitzo 4 meter boom

    5 meter XLR cable 

    Røde NTG1 microphone

    Dead wombat


    Wind noise protection.

    Isolation from shocks and vibrations.

    Includes super-shield suspension.

    Includes super-shield windshield.



    Pick-up and delivery days are free of charge. Pick-up is made after 12.00. Delivery is made before 12.00. It is the responsibility of the lessee to do a complete check of the rented equipments condition, before the equipment leaves the rental company premises. All claims after this are not accepted. In case of any damage, the lessee has a 10% excess, but maximum 3500 dkk. Cancelation of rentals shorter than 3 days can be done free of charge 72 hours, prior to the rental. Cancellation between 72 and 12 hours prior to the rental is charged with 50% of rental amount. All prices are plus VAT and 5% insurrance.